1989, John (Jack) Gregory Hawkes | United Kingdom



27 June 1915 in Bristol – 6 September 2007 in Reading

Jack Hawkes, active field botanist and plant explorer between 1939 and 1981, since 1952 lecturer in
taxonomic botany at Birmingham University (1961 Professor of Plant Taxonomy), where he remained
for 30 years, prodigious scientific author (his major works include The Diversity of Crop Plants 1983, The
Potato – Evolution, Biodiversity and Genetic Resources 1980, The Potatoes of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and
Uruguay (with J. P. Hjerting) 1969, The Potatoes of Bolivia 1989, Hunting the Wild Potato in the South
American Andes 2004) and member of many international committees, has been one of the founders and most
inspiring scientists of the global plant genetic resources movement.

Klaus Pistrick & Karl Hammer

Genet Resour Crop Evol (2007) 54:1635
DOI 10.1007/s10722-007-9291-9 


Films by the late Professor Jack Hawkes collecting potatoes in the Americas

(CC-BY-NC-SA international licence)